The Conservation District provides conservation education to the El Paso County area.

What is A Conservation District?


What Is A Conservation District?


A Conservation District is a legal independent body authorized by the state.  It is governed by a Board elected by the people from within the district boundaries.

The Conservation District is not a City, County, State or Federal Agency.

We share a single mission to coordinate assistance from all interested public, private, local, state and federal resources to develop locally driven solutions to natural resource concerns.


  • Implement farm conservation practices to minimize water use, improve yield and conserve soil.

  • Help developers and homeowners manage the land in an environmentally sensitive manner.

  • Reach out to communities and schools teaching the value of natural resources and encourage conservation.

  • Promote planting trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife and beautify neighborhoods.

  • Conserve and restore wetlands to purify water and provide habitat for birds, fish and other animals.

  • Protect groundwater resources.


All board members of a Conservation District are volunteers and land owners within that district.  The board meets once per month to set strategies and goals for the district.  The programs and projects selected for implementation in the district are determined based on inputs from local land owners.

Each Conservation District has an assigned liaison from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to ensure that all selected programs and projects are well coordinated with the NRCS.  We also partner with Colorado State University Extension and county agencies.

Each district may also have one or more paid employees to handle administrative requirements and support the programs selected by the districts’ Supervisors.

The majority of Conservation District funding comes from local fund raising projects.  The State of Colorado Department of Agriculture also provides some amount of direct assistance as state budgets allow.


We are always looking for people that would like to serve as board members, volunteers and communicators of local conservation needs.  If you are interested please contact your local Conservation District.


Madeline Newell

District Manager

5610 Industrial Pl, Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

719-473-7104, ex 101


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